We focus on acquiring land in exclusive and desirable locations and creating homes that enhance their surroundings. We develop both traditional and contemporary properties, dependent on the individual attributes of each site. We hold extremely high standards when selecting a location for one of our homes and will not choose a site unless it is truly special and can stand out as a selling point on its own.

In some instances, we have been fortunate to acquire clients through passersby admiring one of ourn homes. If they were not looking for a house at the time, they have remembered and come back to Cassini when they are ready to move. This makes us extremely proud.


Each house is individually and intelligently designed and has a distinctive identity. We start with a blank canvas and employ a talented professional team to support every stage of the development process from planning to architecture and design. We are firm believers in forward planning everything down to the tiniest detail and all our projects are micro managed from the outset. Our devotion to detailing reveals itself in every individual element of our builds so that not only does the property look exceptional, it functions in the most efficient and enjoyable way as well.


We combine exceptional craftsmanship with the quality of traditional and modern materials. We carefully source all our materials to ensure they meet the high standards our home owners will likely expect and by adhering to this standard, we can be sure our homes will stand the test of time.